Australian Shepherds

Welcome to our newest entity! We have enjoyed our dogs for several years. They help us each day on the farm, working and sorting cattle. They are part of the family and work as hard as we do! We have 3 females and 1 male, which makes a dog gone good crew! We offer 3 to 4 litters a year. Some previous puppies have gone on to be working dogs on sheep and cattle, others have excelled in obedience, agility, pet therapy, and service dog programs. All of them are loved by their humans, and have been great companions. All of our dogs are less than 14” tall and 20-25lbs.

Here's the crew at Helm Farms...

Reba has retired from raising puppies but she has produced beautiful marked, and very intelligent puppies. We love her like one of the kids, and the reason we started raising dogs.
is the “door greeter” at the farm.

Suzy x Cinch puppies pictured.
She is the worker! She is all business when it comes to working cattle, she will head them off, go into the worst brush and canyons and bring out the beef! Cody loves to be rewarded by a dip in the stock tank, pond, or mud puddle, and a pat on the neck.
He is a mess! We purchased him from Temple Ranches in 2013. He loves to ride on the gator and work cattle, him and Cody are quite a pair! Best hired hands ever! We love him for his energetic personality and love to please.
The newest addition! She was born October 2014. She is a Reba/Cinch pup. She has amazed us with her working ability, and intelligence at such a young age.
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