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Welcome to the crew! We have always had Australian Shepherds. Years ago we had standard size dogs, that had ASCA pedigrees and registration. We welcomed home our first mini Australian Shepherd in 2009. Reba is still with us and is Grandma and matriarch to most of our puppies raised. Our dogs help us each day on the farm, working and sorting cattle, and ride around with us as companions. They are part of our family. When you get a puppy from one of our litters you can bet they have been played with and loved since birth. We have the “cowboys” Cinch and Tex, and “cowgirls” Reba, Suzy, Cody, Teagan, and Lacey. Reba and Suzy are full sister, and enjoy the senior living on the farm. We offer 3-4 litters a year. Some previous puppies we have raised have gone on to be working dogs on sheep and cattle, others have excelled in obedience, agility, and conformation classes. A couple have gone on to be pet therapy and service dogs. All of them are loved by their humans and have been great companions. Our dogs are less than 14” tall and 20-25 lbs at maturity.

Here's the crew at Helm Farms...

Helm Farms Reba
Reba has always been a companion for us. She goes with us most of the time to cattle shows. We just love her for her intelligence and loyalty. She has raised puppies, and is now a Certified Service Dog, and enjoying senior living at the farm.
Helm Farms Suzy
Suzy is Reba’s sister. She is the official greeter at the farm. Suzy has been a very loyal friend. She has a quiet personality. She left the herding work for the others, but loves to ride in the gator and make sure things go as planned. She too has raised puppies, but has been retired to the good life of sleeping on the hot tub lid, and playing with the grandkids.
Helm Farms Cody
Cody is the business first kinda dog. She loves to work, but is very mindful of her commands. She has been sent off to the worst brush and canyons to bring out the beef! She is that beautiful deep red color, with just a little white on her chest. She loves to be rewarded by a dip in the stock tank, pond or mud puddle, and a pat on the neck. She is a daughter of Suzy.
Helm Farms Lacey
Lacey is our smallest female, but she is the mightiest! Her stature says 10” tall, but she has the heart of a Great Dane! Lacey is a daughter of Reba and Cinch. She can work cattle with the best of them; she is very quiet and will work off the head or heels. She is very intelligent and can almost out think you.
Helm Farms Teagan
Where do we begin with Teagan! She is Lacey’s sister, a little taller, but has that bold personality, and loyalty of Reba. She has the beautiful merle pattern from her daddy, as well as his energy and drive. We have taught Teagan tojump through a rope, and working on putting some height in her jumps. Teagan is raising some beautiful pups when crossed with our male Wild West Tex.
We purchased Cinch from Temple Ranches as a pup. He has a beautiful merle pattern, and passes that on to his pups. Cinch is getting a little older but enjoys working at the chute and in the pens. He has always been full of energy and ready to go. He will take his morning run on the top of the round bales, usually taking his buddies with him.
Wild West Tex
Tex came to live with us from Wild West Mini Aussies. The stand out thing about Tex is he just wants to be friends. He will play fetch until he runs out of air! He has been so easy to train and willing to try anything. I have started him jumping in and out of the hoop, and other simple tricks, he has a beautiful medium hair coat that takes minimal care. He has added lots of bone conformation to our puppies.

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